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Background Information

Experience and Interest

I started teaching English in Sao Paulo (Brazil) since 2014 as an on-location private tutor. Honestly, it was not at all easy since I did not have any teaching background nor did I competently know the language for teaching purposes. On the other hand, there was nothing else I could have done but persevere in this job due to my circumstances in Brazil as a refugee. For next two years, I progressed and evolved as a language instructor; however, I felt the need for academic preparation as a teacher. Fortunately, my timely encounter with TESOL course at the Arizona State University since 2016 has immensely helped me to understand how learning occurs and adequately equipped me to design and execute language lessons. In addition, this course has empowered me to effectively use technology which lately became part and parcel of most of my lesson plans. Ever since, I have not looked back, and from the beginning of this year, I have begun to develop myself as a language coach rather than a traditional teacher and diversify myself into teaching specialist courses. I am currently teaching (on contract) Medical English at the Universidade Metropolitana de Santos (UNIMES).

As mentioned earlier, my teaching is primarily technology-focused; however, I am also very comfortable to teach in a traditional classroom setting and orientation – for example: with a chalk and a board. I am currently seeking opportunity as Middle School and High School English teacher in international schools.

This section of the website highlights my resumé, and educational philosophy.


Founder/English Language Coach at Inglês Space, Medical English Instructor at UNIMES, Coursera Mentor, Mining Engineer.


Educational Philosophy and Teaching Goals

Why I teach and what I want to achieve.